Three Packages of Long-Term Auto Leasing:
BAL 1  >>  Rent = (Registration Service + 1st  Class Insurance)
  >>  Rent = (Registration Service + 1st  Class Insurance + Maintenance)
  >>  Rent = (Registration Service + 1st  Class Insurance + Maintenance + Car Replacement)
Rental   Fixed rental charge including relevant expenses as listed in each program will ease your accounting and financial management. Your cash flow plan will be smooth, and paper work will be lessened.  Account liabilities will be reduced because the lease will not be shown on the balance sheet as it will be booked as an expense.  Your balance sheet will be strengthened.  Moreover, you will gain the tax benefit from purchasing a car with a value of over one million Baht.  You will realize more advantages than managing the fleet by yourself.
Registration Services:  Services for new car registration and payment of the annual tax fee will be provided, and all related documents will be submitted to you 15 days before expiration.
Insurance  First class insurance covers un-named drivers without an excess charge and compulsory motor insurance will be maintained throughout the period of the rental. A new policy will be submitted to you 15 days before expiration. Consultants from a leading insurance company  will be on hand 24-hours a day in case of an accident.
Maintenance Service  We provide maintenance service based on the standards of the make of each car.  Genuine new parts will be replaced as needed, whether due to accidental damage or normal wear and tear, by the service center for the make of the car.  Tires will be replaced with genuine radials every two years or 50,000 km, whichever comes first.
Car Replacement  In the case of any accidental damage that requires longer than one day of service, we promptly offer a replacement vehicle.

Full Service, Convenience, Promptness, with a Simple Procedure
Bangkok Auto lease provides experts that can give you advice about delivering vehicles suitable to your organization. You will be relieved of all maintenance and insurance formalities in case of an accident.
With a maximum of 1,000 quality-selected vehicles, we can pay attention to our fleet at all times.  Quality, not quantity, is what we always focus on. 
Our belief that well-trained staff and appropriate technology lead to efficiency in providing service is different from other car rental companies that equate a large fleet with excellence in service - they believe that bigger is better.


We are the company that may be called “Small is Beautiful”.  We believe that the way to make a profit is through quality work instead of striving for quantity.   We value the King’s philosophy on self-sufficient economy and integrate it into our operation.  We apply Buddhist economics as a key to the middle path.  We would like to emphasize that our ultimate goal of service is to satisfy all customers whether they are big or small. All customers will be well taken care of and served with the best quality and the highest standard of service.

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